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The Best Children's Book Illustrations

Illustrations from Graphics Factory are perfect for children's books. They're royalty-free, colorful, fun, and very affordable. It's never been easier to find clip art for your books. Simply join as a Platinum Member and start searching for images and download all the illustrations you need, instantly.

If you don't find the illustrations you need contact us and we will create new ones and add them to the collection. We can also create unique illustrations specifically for you.

Beautiful Print Quality

When using images from Graphics Factory your book will look amazing when printed. We provide high resolution vector images that provide the best print results possible. All images can be resized to fit your needs and will look fantastic!

Try some sample searches to see for yourself...

Sample Images

Cartoon animals giraffe, elephant, lion and hippo
Cartoon boy on beach with melting ice cream cone
Happy female lightning bolt
Witch brewing a magic potion

Book Printing Options

Paperback Book

Paperback books are great for children stories.

Hardcover Book

Hardcover books are great for coloring books.


Yes, Graphics Factory images can be used in books you sell.

We do require you place a copyright notice in your book such as images used in this book are licensed and © Graphics

A Platinum Membership Is Required, but does NOT need to stay active after the first year to continuing to sell your book.

Book Illustration & Printing Help

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