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Major corporations such as Microsoft, Exxon Mobil and AT&T plus schools and Universities across the United States rely on Graphics Factory for images. With over 26 years online you can depend on Graphics Factory to provide royalty-free images for your projects.

This is What Graphics Factory Members Are Saying

Thank you and hats off to Graphics Factory.
Marty Garcia
The Salvation Army in Globe, AZ.
Thanks for making my life easier!
David Shogren
St. louis MO.
I just joined today and this is the best site I've joined and your service is quick and gets to the point
Rand Ahlgren
I love my Membership! I particularly like the new flash animations that i'm seeing on the site. Thank you and look forward to more creativity boosters
I've just logged in and I'm fascinated with all my new toys. I have all kinds of new ideas for my projects now, Thank you!
I'll start recommending you guys to all my friends.
Pete Cole, Brisbane, Australia
After just 5 minutes I found what I wanted.
Christine R.
It's well worth the membership fee and I'm glad to be a member.
D.Sellinger, Webmaster
The Graphics Factory Membership is possibly the best clipart membership-based site ever created.
Rob Weber
I logged in and before I knew it, my customers where calling the project "Very Sexy".
Erez Yearot
I'll recommend your site to my friends.
Guisheng Fang
We love the site!
Robert Pirone

I have been doing a lot of intranet application development over the past year and Graphics Factory has provided an extra spark for me when I'm burned out after a long coding cycle and need fresh ideas for a font-end design and graphics.

I especially like the templates in psd format since I can mix and match elements and readily adjust them to suit my front-end scheme.

Vivian Emala
Graphics Factory had exactly what I was looking for and you made it easy and affordable.
Custom Creations Unlimited
I find your site to be quite remarkable with the animations.
Andrea Austin

You have been so helpful and it is so nice to know that someone is there when you need them. I feel like I know you.

Your company should be proud. I am glad I joined.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Angela Mack
I just want to say that I love your site and it's great! I wish there was a way that I could vote for your site so that others could also have a chance to see it.
Appreciate all your graphic has made for a great foundation to our website...THANKS AGAIN!!!
Chuck Trumbetta
Christ The Divine Teacher School
Latrobe, PA
Graphics factory has saved me more times than you can count!
Sharon Hall
This is a great site!
Irene Ferro
I greatly appreciate the fine customer service!
Catalina Ortiz
I have recovered more than my investment within the first month of subscription. Thank you Graphics Factory!!!
Prof. Raj Gadasalli
Graphics Factory you are truly amazing!
Darren Paige
love your images!
Moni Smith
I think you have a great site! I have actually used some of the toolsyou offer quite a bit - for example, the graphics editor and image optimizer.
Elizabeth Orseno
I will pass on to others how wonderful this graphics on-line is!
I absolutely love your site, and have recommended it highly to all of my friends.
Jeff Gullo
I just joined your site and love it!
Thank you, you guys are ingenious!
Tom Carr
I have been able to greatly enhance the appearance of several of my projects!
John Catherino
- Rochester Hills, Mich.
Amazing gallery that has images in the highest
I would just like to say thanks for all your hard work in producing a superb range of graphics covering pretty muchall topics.

I am very impressed - you guys certainly deliver the goods.
Many Regards
Andrew Marti
I wanted to thank Graphics Factory for being a crucial part in my company's success. The images you provide are truly *excellent quality* and I was very happy to renew my membership recently.
Thanks! James Johns
RetinaX Development

Absolutely fantastic! As an ESL teacher I find your site the fastest easiest absolutely fantastic time saver ever- keep it up!

Foad Fazel
E.S.L. Teacher

I just wanted to take the time today to say thanks for the great high quality graphics that you have had available to us as members. So often we don't think to say anything to those that provide us tools to make our web site images and content better. If it weren't for Graphics Factory my work would be a lot harder.

I remember the day I found Graphics Factory, I was learning about web design and putting a site together for my family and I had searched and searched for clip art and it was getting frustrating because there was so much junk out there.

Then I found Graphics Factory and I wasn't sure I should join. I am so glad I did. When we added a Graphics Factory link to a my husband and my web sites we did it knowing that when people used this link that they would find the best!

Again Thanks for the great work!

Kristie Broom, The Webgranny

You seem to have more and more that is usable for teachers, kids and parents.

I have other clip-art memberships, but find I am coming to Graphics Factory most often.

I will probably be a member for many years to come.

Thanks! Sandy Kemsley

Just thought I'd let you know that I was very pleased with my experience at your site and found it quick, easy to use, and well organized.

The content had exactly what I needed.

Kevin Duffy
Thanks, I just love this company!
Bonnie L.

"Just wanted to say thank you for a great website, and the permission to use is so flexible, I'll be using it for decades to come.

All those free clip arts that come with OTC software are so limited. One set only allows you use clipart in "documents you share with friends and family as long as you do not charge" others strictly prohibit any use outside your own personal pleasure. Now what is that suppose to mean?

Needless to say, the graphics on the front of our church bulletin came from

Gary Winkler
I love your site and as a teacher who produces lots of curriculum materials, I couldn't manage without you.
Sharron Harper
Your Program is SO nice, keep up the Extreme-Good Work!
Luis Labbe
We would recommend your website to anyone who needs/uses clip art.
Connie Dorsey
CDC Inc.

I am so glad I found your website. Your website was just what I was looking for and more. This is one of the best investments I have made in a long time for my business and future projects. I also appreciate how you answer your phone! Thank you for answering my questions and for helping me figure out how to get the graphics into the format and size I needed for the book I am writing. After the book is done, I would be happy to mail you a copy so that you can see how you helped me with my book.

Because I am so happy with your services, I would love to put a link to your web site on my web site.

I highly recommend you to anybody who wants to enhance both business and personal projects because that is exactly what I am going to do! Your service is down-to-earth and a great investment. I hope you never change!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being around and for being so accessible.

Northwest Indiana
I enjoy the GraphicsFactory! I've never found such a variety!
I love the site and the variety!!
You're the best!!
J.C. :)
Hello, I am a new Platinum member and I love this!!! It is the web site I had been looking for a long time. I just love this information.

What I paid for my membership is nothing compared to the benefits I have everyday: long free weekends and I don't have to spend my free time drawing and coloring pics for my classes, great quality pics, thousand different options for my projects, professionalism in my job, and many other good things.

I think you need more publicity, I would like other teachers and people I work with know about your company. I have been talking a lot about with other teachers and friends. Keep up the EXCELLENT job.
Raul Joven Leon
Language Teacher
(E.S.L. and Spanish teacher)
Charlotte - North Carolina

This is not a suggestion but a huge "Thank You"! Recently my hard drive died and with it went years of projects that can't be replaced. I was one of the folks who never backed up their system, however that has changed. But it occured to me I lost my favorite clip art site and I have fretted over it for days because I couldn't remember the name.

Thankfully after searching through a notebook I found your website and I hope to never lose you again! Even though I don't use a lot of clip art but I do know where to go when there's something I need.

I've always found exactly what I want at your site and I always sing your praises with my friends. So thank you, thank you and thank you, I can't say it enough!

May GOD Bless You!
Jeanette Watts
Savannah GA.
Thanks for making such a great web site!
Rachel Datson
The grand kids will get a kick out of these -- nice job!
Bob Decker
I had about reached the end of my rope when I couldn't find suitable clipart for a the program until I found Graphics Factory. Thanks for saving my butt!
Thanks for your great service!
Jane Graves,
Blaine High School
Keep up the great work. Whenever I use one of your creations, someone always asks "where did you find that?
Kitty in Davie, Florida

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