Downloading images from Graphics Factory

This tutorial will cover the fastest way to download and save images at Graphics Factory using Windows 7. The process will be similar on a Mac so these instructions will help Windows and Mac users.

Step 1

First ...

... Let's head over to the popular clip art image page and choose an image to use for this tutorial.

On the popular clip art image page click the cartoon bee image to view the larger version and all download options.

Step 2

Second ...

... On the bee image page you will see a list of download options under the bee image.

Download options
Step 3

Third ...

... Click the image format you need and the image will download to your computer. P.S. If you're not signed in you will be asked to sign in to continue your download.

Using Google Chrome (version 20.0.1)

Example shown using the Google Chrome (version 20.0.1) browser.

Download location in Chrome

Using Internet Explorer (version 9.0.8)

Example shown using the Internet Explorer browser.

Download location in Internet Explorer

These options will be shown in Internet Explorer after you click the Save as option.

Download location in Chrome

After you click save the image will be saved to your computer and ready to open and use.

Using Firefox (Version 13.0.1)

These options will be shown in Firefox after you click the download link.

Saving in Firefox
Step 4

Fourth ...

... That's it, you can now open and use the image you downloaded in your favorite program.

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