Pre-made graphics for a small fee are the best option

It seems like we are becoming a template-driven society where everything is 99% pre-made, leaving some room for customization. This goes for everything from cars on the sales lot to web page designs and graphics.

That is because for most of us, pre-made, pre-designed items are perfect for us! For the average person, small business owner, and web site owner, pre-made graphics for a small fee are the best option. Here's why!

Reason #1 : Save time and frustration

Using pre-made images and graphics is much easier than trying to create your own from scratch. You need to be a graphic designer to create one that can compete in today's market, so if you don't have advanced skills and programs, you'll save a lot of time and stress buy using pre-made graphics.

Yes, you can find free images online, but you will spend hours, if not day and weeks trying to find a set of free graphics that fit your theme and are to the standard you require. Additionally, many free graphics sites are jungles of links that get you no where but lost in a parallel universe full of pop-up windows.

It is much easier to buy an inexpensive subscription to a graphics library such as Graphics Factory.

Reason #2 : Less Expensive Than a Custom Graphic Designs

Many people say that pre-made graphics for a small fee are better than graphic designers, but who do they think made those free graphics in the first place? That is the great, and often overlooked fact about pre-made graphics-they were created by a pro. Graphic designers are worth their weight in gold, but their custom graphic design services (and fees) are not practical for everyone. Unless you need a custom logo, or original artwork, you may find pre-made graphics suit your needs perfectly.

Reason #3 : Pre-Made Graphics are Better than No Graphics

Studies show that the easiest way to increase sales is by adding images to your website and sales material. Images reinforce your sales pitch and potential buyers, with dozens of options at their fingertips, are going to judge your website by its appeal. Honestly, what website doesn't have graphics on it? Graphics increase sales and add credibility to your site and with inexpensive graphics available online, there is no excuse not to have them.

Reason #4 : You'll Sleep Better At Night

Was the last free graphic you downloaded really copyright free? Was it really created by the website owner? Are you using it on your website or sales documents with permission? Are you sure? With paid subscriptions you have the confidence of knowing that the images are legal to use.

Often free sites are actually a gathering of graphics from various sites and sources where the images are labeled "freely distributable" or do not have a copyright. If you used the images in a direct mail piece, or a client project, it would be a little embarrassing if that client was contacted by the owner of the image and learned it was NOT freely distributed.

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