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food mexican mexico hot peppers pepper chili food drink cinco de mayo cartoon bowl pizza funny bottle spicy salsa de mayo fire bottles cinco sombrero dinner commercial bowls cups oven cute may 5th people character salads cook hats hispanic alcohol cooking hugging vegetable qualification asian vegetables cheese stuck sombreros hug cup lizards soup holidays lizard salad guy tomato chef hat glass cheeseburger pastry lantern relaxing paste tequila career worker shrimp fundamental icons resting supervisor domination pouring guidance fish chefs siesta iguana employed can supervision guide influencing flame direction capability professional work job habanero efficient spanish tomatoes appetizer qualified trapped junkfood snack skill amphibian hamburger maker pie proficient servant empire manager slices discipline management working ripe full glasses dominator fiesta green influence authority known competent authorities straw reign careers experienced fundamentals employment rest animations ability command determination patrick's administrator photos brick regulation in potent burger faculty polished employ sushi iguanas pour supervising regulate beer animal spain dough determine supreme baker wood st jobs aptitude cans dessert talented italy slice italian influential patricks abilities straws strength 2d whiskey eating out charge commanding plates spices talent seafood administrate baked liquor agriculture cooks administration appetizers black white sundae person profession ice cream amphibians charges lunch flavoring determining virtue snacks day characters efficacy gravy animals pro flaming supremacy dominate red commander learned soy jar flames man noodles habaneros occupations stove dominating coctail
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