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people work stress qualification job man professional occupations jobs employ pro career careers person profession occupation business worker working employment employed worried black white competent efficient guy worry determining administrator abilities virtue charge aptitude regulation efficacy faculty administrate charges regulate guide fundamentals management authorities influential supremacy reign talented determine dominating determination outline ability domination manager strength discipline influencing guidance command supervision direction commanding potent fundamental talent dominate supervising empire administration authority commander capability supreme dominator supervisor influence gentleman men mad males full male guys face gentlemen known learned polished experienced skill upset apprehensive thinking proficient qualified up unhappy troubled faces perturbed angry fighting irrational concerning concerned saddened think head furious perturb troubles down trouble crazed wrathful sad disgruntled uncontrolled problem resentful feelings unstable negative set red building hand stomp stomped stomping burden frenzied unbalanced problems tie agitated out feeling wacky livid seeing don't late tear window windows suit attire balance on getting smilies animals distention intensity pissed hassle toes arms clutch timing help beam ledge headache nervous fight raging pressure lost jump beams destruction standing crash time buildings stands animations slaughter crazy losser suits shadow stressful women line rage load waiting ache tippy worrying lines bears lose fired jacket talking adjudicate clothes pencil blueprint stopping mediate invalid consult computer surprised cops floors funeral why bash poor straining ruining cigarette balancing roads law suicidal businessman immolation wrist bats arrange glasses determined psychotic absurd luck umpire conciliate road jumper eliminate panic arbitrate imprudent lady after berserk jackets exercise connect police jumping hot get try floor scared concert slaughtering phone below seppuku aces messy simple last smilie surprise high paper muscles cuckoo smoking close ruin stepping eliminating agree referee fingers desk gals understand argue salesman crime massive annihilation ties trying contract preposterous coat streets provoked hit talk bad telephone papers adjust hurry briefcase hold nutty demolishing murder coats asking illogical muscle debate finger nuts hurrying confer street demolished hitting rise annihilate policemen disappointed negotiate pc moderate crashing girl crashed compose huge yell wait ladies drafts sitting baseball cartoon policeman rushing xo unreasonable closing deal smoke oops woman helpless going self hands emoticon accomodate office opening oh bananas running gal disagreement stop geeked draft annoyed mini no girls rush brown network stresspeople swap boss skirt watch not senseless bear demolish infuriated point females deranged cell fuming elevators manage hefty yelling boiling clothing frazzled smash big destroy stipulate dress bat blueprints exercising substantial fed know loss cumbersome off peoplestress strain open microsoft hurried cop loaded silhouette frightened officer wild female run go
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