Using Clip Art from Graphics Factory in Word 2002

Clip Art from Graphics Factory can add interest and impact to your documents. Suppose you've written a letter telling your friends about the great party you threw. The words capture the festive mood of the event, but that page of text looks lifeless and dull. You need pictures to enliven your prose. And once you've inserted your pictures, you can make the text wrap around them.

Step 1

First ...

... let's use the cartoon bee image for this tutorial.

You can use the .GIF or .JPG format, but if you plan on printing your document you will get better print results if you use the vector formats such as .WMF, .EPS, .PDF, or .SVG. View the downloading clip art tutorial if you need help.

Step 2

Second ...

... Open your Word document, then on the Insert menu, point to Picture and then click From File....

Step 3

Third ...

... find the image you saved in step 1 and click Insert. You should now see the image in your document. You can drag it to the location you want.

Good job, you've learned something new! Now read the other tips below to learn more cool stuff you can do in Word.

Text wrapping styles in Word 2002

By wrapping text around and image you can make your documents look better.

1. Click your picture to select it.
2. On the Format menu, click Picture.
3. In the Format Picture dialog box, click the Layout tab.
4. Select a Wrapping style.

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