Create Custom Shopping Lists using Microsoft Publisher

Custom fonts can add extra interest and impact to your documents.

Step 1

First ...

... First open Publisher and create a new blank file. Go to File - Page Setup and click on the landscape option, click ok. Like shown in Screen Shot 1.

ScreenShot 1
Step 2

Second ...

... Create a text box (about 2.6 inches in width).

Step 3

Third ...

... Add lines by holding down the shift + Dash/Underscore key. To customize your line spacing: Select lines, go to Format - Line spacing... I used 1.25 as shown in Screen Shot 2.

ScreenShot 2
Step 4

Fourth ...

... With the lines still selected. Choose a font color. I used grey but feel free to pick whatever color you want. Like shown in Screen Shot 3.

ScreenShot 3
Step 5

Fifth ...

... Now choose 2 or 3 clip art images from Graphics Factory and Add them to your download cart in a .WMF or .EPS format (View the fastest way to download clip art tutorial). I prefer to use .WMF or .JPG images for this project as they are easier to use because you can copy and paste them directly onto your shopping list.

Step 6

Sixth ...

... After you resize and position your clip art images you can print and cut your shopping list. You can also make some for friends.

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