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people yang qualification symbol chinese symbols good black white work evil working ying efficient regulate competent bad sports administration strength virtue direction proficient worker regulation outline authorities person supervising shadow guide dominate management administrator learned known jobs discipline qualified cartoon martial influencing supervisor employ supervision determine occupations potent full fundamentals talented authority influential down faculty supremacy abilities efficacy professional manager job fundamental commanding dominator ability administrate command influence commander domination determining aptitude charge supreme dominating polished pro career skill talent experienced determination employment reign empire capability charges business employed careers profession guidance icons devil yin occupation cute dragons dragon no guy man kissing small silhouette law gentleman valentines males dislike husband humans good bad police money heaven boo religion animations heart kiss sm male funny angel boyfriend angels yin yang love scary wrong tattoo vinyl ready icon gentlemen girlfriend yuke harmony lover thumbs system up tie profit back liars out monster decision cops asian politicians devils meeting two decisions policeman getting dispose fake suits notes blahhpeople profits floors mini spider floor unlawful horn hands stopping behind elevators scales close bill push shaking diabolic try politician elevator high worry blahh ying yang uniform scale feng crazy control yinyang elevate step meet political businessman technology ears red hurried coin tail officer shui opening justice wronging laws rule stepping cuffs breaking hand officers after gold cop building going horns diabolical faced scared don't arrested ties judicial worried get benjamins hurrying liar rise pull feng shui uniforms note suit peace stuck waiting resolve hurry crime currency dollar wait briefcase court stop 2d coins other politics judge diabolique men grab determined oh trying cuffed last complete handshake grabbing criminal bills dollars figure naughty closing go greed vilan open
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