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people occupations professional qualification worker working work competent reporter desk authority administrate dominating supervision commanding dominator supremacy authorities regulate women fundamental talent careers supervising meeting discipline empire job supreme manager shadow strength ability guidance command administration industry influential charges employed regulation jobs direction influencing virtue determining waiting charge determination dominate commander aptitude efficacy fundamentals administrator employ abilities pro supervisor industrial efficient capability employment profession guide female career reign talented influence faculty potent domination determine news man learned proficient talking experienced microphone full cartoon skill known sitting woman polished interviewing qualified deliberating executive tie discussions investigate silhouette guy inspect review person interviews business gentlemen females deliberate concerning black white analyzing concentrating ponder occupation talk management outline office reviewing reporters ladies lady powwow discussing concentrate men consultation analyze inspection concerned vinyl ready investigation gentleman guys reporting meet altercation dialogue argument males male pondering questions partner humans partners recording questioning anchor gal girl girls politician two mangement gals suit recorder reports journalism microphones question boss businessman attorney mustache shirt on journalist display hold displays professor explaining papers 2d documents tablet date lighting paper sports introduce caricature phones lawyer basketball ceo silhouettes animations explanation phone explain funny presentation chair who determined listening showing telephone offices dark point desks shows speech broadcasting conversation media uniform appointment tall suits agreement dating document teachers education back to school discuss why salesman interviewpeople lines conference line attire 032bss holding book teacher books 032css
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