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qualification meeting competent efficient people occupations man occupation job charges capability worker dominating guidance strength employment dominate supremacy talent ability influential potent supervision employ profession careers domination faculty charge commanding influence employed aptitude professional supervisor talented direction management virtue determine pro jobs discipline dominator abilities empire authority efficacy command authorities determination work fundamental determining reign administration administrator regulation fundamentals guide supreme person commander supervising influencing regulate manager working career administrate business skill gentlemen guys males polished gentleman qualified learned known male experienced proficient guy full men presentation ponder hands discussions deliberating altercation outline inspection discussing investigation analyzing reviewing concentrating dialogue inspect point investigate line concentrate review concerned pointing lines analyze powwow two argument interview consultation concerning agreement pointer pondering handshake deliberate black white paper talking partners teamwork appreciative gratifying splendid present photos explanation dignified talk chart board content glorious explain great satisfied partner superb rewarding honored display papers axe discuss attire travel wronging ties jungle books tail political date devil horn bad thanksgiving woman turkey diabolic graph monkeys partnership diabolique displays briefcase lady liars border showing female documents decision ears cartoon introduction ladies dating decisions document politician politics bird liar shows Êcooperation.partnership scared explaining scary evil cooperation introduce naughty horns monkey devils politicians book diabolical Êbusiness tie who interviewing why fake borders women shaking faced females wrong
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